NEW Webinar Event Reveals a Completely Different Way to Take Back Control

How to Cut Back or Stop Over Drinking Without Labels, Meetings, or Shame

See How You Can Take Your Life Back from Alcohol by Working With How Your Brain is Wired – and Gain Complete Freedom That Really Sticks…

If you think something is wrong with you because you have a hard time cutting back or quitting drinking, you can relax. Because during my webinar, I’ll show you that your brain is actually wired to enjoy (and continue to crave) alcohol … and I’ll show you how you can quickly and confidently start to take back control (and even turn off your cravings) for good.

Jeff Gardner, Webinar Host

High-Performance Coach

What You'll Discover During This Webinar Event...

From Heavy Drinker to Quitting

You’ll see how I went from having a drinking problem that felt impossible to solve to quitting completely and switching my cravings “off”… without labels, meetings, or shame. 

The Brain's Alcohol Loop

You’ll see how the brain is wired to both tell yourself to “stop drinking” and then continue to drink. You’ll discover that what feels like “out-of-control” is a natural part of how your brain works.


"No Willpower Needed" Method

You’ll also see how you can start to take back control over when and how much you drink (or if you drink at all) without needing willpower or white-knuckling your way to change.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?