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A Completely Different Way to Change Your Drinking Habit that Sticks

A Step-By-Step Solution to Get Full Control of Your Drinking.

No Labels Necessary.

No need to brand yourself for life. You're not powerless. You can make a change that sticks for life.

No Meetings Required.

Totally anonymous coaching and support until you've hit your desired result and locked it in.

No Shame. No Judgment.

There's nothing wrong with you. You can change your drinking habit - without beating yourself up.

A Brand New Answer for Changing Your Drinking Habit for Good

If you’re looking for a completely private and proven way to cut back or stop drinking completely… without labels, meetings, or a lifetime of feeling powerless… then you’ll absolutely want to register for our next upcoming webinar event.

My life was great – but I had one thing I was hiding. A drinking problem. I was worried about how out-of-control I felt about my drinking – but I didn’t want to go through the door of labeling myself and signing up for a lifetime of meetings. I knew there had to be a different way. So I committed myself to learning everything I could about why I drank – and how to stop wanting alcohol. My search uncovered a completely different way to quit overdrinking once and for all. Today, I have zero desire to drink – even though I’m around alcohol and friends who drink all the time. I’m finally free – and now I coach clients who also want to change their drinking habit… without labels, meetings, or a lifetime of shame and guilt. If that’s you, make sure to meet me on my next webinar. I’d like to see how I can help.

Jeff Gardner

High-Performance Life Coach

My Judgement-Free Method

I’m not a big believer in labels. I don’t believe you’re powerless. I don’t believe this is a lifetime problem.

 I do believe that, with the right coaching, you absolutely have the power to change your drinking habit forever. You can make the choice to either cut back or quit completely – and maintain that choice for the rest of your life.

I give you a system that works – so you can be confident as you move forward. You’ll follow my step-by-step process and change your drinking habit.

Freedom is a gift you give yourself – and I’ll be coaching you along the way to help you achieve it.

Freedom without Guilt, Regret, Misery, or Shame.

No Labels. No Meetings. No Judgment. 

Are You Ready?

Stop Overdrinking Coach, Jeff Gardner

Thank you so much for putting your trust in me.    Here are some quick links to help you navigate the site.  I look forward to helping you in this new adventure.

Phone:  (682) 250-0878


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